Military application solution


Product needs and challenges

1, working conditions

The altitude can be operated below 3000 meters;

The lower ambient temperature is -15C° and the upper limit is 40C°. Other environmental units can be used.

2, stable performance, strong reliability

The average fault interval of the unit is not less than 2000 hours.

3. Convenient refueling and watering facilities and protection measures

The unit is equipped with an external refueling system and is equipped with a lock function;

A large fuel tank is usually required to operate for 12-24 hours.

4, product shape and custom development capabilities

The field unit must also have the following characteristics: small size and convenient movement;

Military generator sets are usually tailor-made for the military, including the color of the unit to the product standard of the unit.


The characteristics of stable performance, easy operation, convenient maintenance, low noise, convenient external refueling and water supply system and other characteristics meet the special requirements of the military.


· A full set of products and solutions to reduce the user's mastery of the technology, making the use and maintenance of the unit easier and easier;

·The control system has AMF function, it can be started automatically, and there are many automatic shutdown and alarm functions under monitoring;

·Optional ATS, small unit can be used with built-in ATS;

· Ultra-low noise power generation, the noise level of units below 30KVA is 7 meters below 60dB (A);

·The performance is stable, and the average fault interval of the unit is not less than 2000 hours;

·The unit is small in size and can be equipped with some devices to meet the requirements of operation in cold regions and high temperature areas;

· Special needs for some customers can be custom designed and developed.

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